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International Centre for Travel & Tourism / 201 Northumberland Street Liverpool NSW 2170 / Ph: +61 (0)2 9822 5792 / Fax: +61 (0)2 9601 1552 / Email: info@ictt.com.au / ictt.com.au
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Together ... on the track of achievements
In 2011, international centre for Travel & tourism  Company’s commercial activity was launched, and the company started offering its services in the field of travel and tourism, Within the short space of two years the company has been able to grow rapidly, gaining the trust and respect of its clients, financiers, and competitors.
The fast Development of the region’s markets created many opportunities for International Centre for Travel & Tourism Company. This helped the company to strengthen its position, and build high quality and strategic relations with a group of clients and suppliers, through which it provided and added value to its clients in addition to its special services.
We are very proud and happy to know that our clients are satisfied with the company’s services, and the achievements we have made since our establishment. We are determined to keep on following the same track, with your valuable support, comments and opinions. We have an optimistic, confident image of the future and are endeavouring to realize much more success through our commitment to constantly providing better performance factors to offer special services.
Today International Centre for Travel & Tourism is seeking future opportunities based on its track record of achievements and large heritage of capabilities, in order to build a strategic company with its clients.

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Oct 31, 2014